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Hell – I’ve been there; depression – I’ve been there; anxiety – I’ve been there; suicidal – I’ve been there…

And now, it’s my time to help you get out of there!


Have you ever wondered why on aeroplanes – the steward’s/stewardess’ ask you to apply your own oxygen mask before a child’s? Because, as the saying goes, “If we can’t help ourselves, no one else will!” As our fire grows – we grow, and we can hand it over to others who need it, to assist them on their journey.

I created this project to help you or if someone you know is lost in the rabbit-hole, when there seems to be no light and no way out. I found some ways out from the deepest depths, so join me, on my journey and empower the fire from within ourselves! I want to help you how I feel I can do and that’s through my experiences in life; the tools I’ve gained; and what I’ve documented about them so I can offer as much help as I can to those who can just stay with us, and we can work through it together and one day maybe you will have an opportunity help someone you know and empower their fire.


I’m not professing to be a psychologist, a physicist, a guru, a psychiatrist, a yogi or anything. I’ve been through a fair amount of s**t (like everyone) and I just want to give you what I’ve worked on, documented, practiced (and continue to do so), since at least February 2017.

Knowledge: I aim to give strength, growth and empowerment to others by passing on, discussing, and sharing knowledge I have learned and what you have learned so we can all grow together!

Practice: I currently teach yoga classes which are integrated with meditation and awareness in The Yoga District studios in Sofia, Bulgaria for beginners and intermediates. If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’re very welcome to come and join!

Empower The Fire to unlock all the doors in your mind,
Empower The Fire to giving up quitting,
Empower The Fire to guide you out of the darkness,
Empower The Fire to help loved ones,
Empower The Fire to help give you a way out of the damned rabbit hole,
This is your call to LIVE!
NOW is the time to understand yourself, accept yourself and love yourself!

NOW is the time to move forward!
Love. Live. Learn. Share…

A Friend's Perspective

Building a bond with yourself leads to stronger bonds with others. Be your own best friend – not your own worst enemy!


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