Can we be Empowered by Pain and Suffering?

As with most things in life, the first steps are the most difficult to create a new path however, they are the most important as they set the standard of the steps to follow, so we must take these steps with empowerment, strength and faith in ourselves make them count!

When we hear the words ‘pain’ and ‘suffering’ – automatically, most of us have the hairs on the back of our neck stand up, we ready ourselves in a defensive state and we try to hide or pretend these apparently ‘negative’ feelings shouldn’t be there. Very often, we go so far as to hide the pain via many escapist methods such as:

    Alcohol abuse
    Drug abuse
    Uncommitted relationships

Countless times throughout our lives – we suppress our pain and suffering as we are subconsciously interpreting these as harmful to us. If only we were aware that this pain we feel is actually the subconscious trying to communicate with us and directing us towards something that needs care and attention/

We must all walk the path of shadows but we have a choice:

    Run down the path, ignoring and suppressing all our pain, suffering, shadows and demons while using various escapist methods.


    Stop and smell the roses! Embrace the darkness and pain! Be aware of all there is in the suffering with a specific focus on what the specific underlying issue is.

There’s a hard lesson to learn in life – short-term gain for long-term pain, short-term pain for long-term gain. This can be analysed by finding the following:

Input = Addiction ‘X’ > Output = Result ‘X’

Cause = ‘X’ > Effect ‘X’

Positive = ‘X’ > Positive ‘X’

Negative = ‘X’ > Negative ‘X’

 This choice can be simplified to a hard lesson to learn in life: a short-term gain for long-term pain and short-term pain for long-term gain. E.g. I can party forever so I can drown out my subconscious so I feel no pain of X event.

Another example, if I do not accept the inner grief of someone leaving my life and lie to myself it didn’t happen, I will be suppressed until it is brought to the surface by an event which reminds me subconsciously of them.